Friday, 28 December 2012

Volume shadow copy in Windows 2003 Server.

Once i have faced a challenge to access Volume shadow copy. Lets talk about it that what it is ?
Microsoft provides you a feature called Volume Shadow copy (part of Advanced backup) through which you can recover accidental deleted files and folders.
You have to activate this option on drive and then your all files and folders are safe inside this drive.
Question is how to recover those file.. I will show you what i went thru. There was Volume shadow copy  enabled on client environment as i can see that drive has enabled this feature

However i had to recover a folder inside this drive but when i go to inside this drive , and try to see the previous version option which is generally show you all snapshot backup, and voila there was nothing like that.

Now question in mind was .. how to recover it. Finally i access this drive from UNC path and Voila .. i was able to see that previous version option which provides you facility to recover the snapshots

So i was able to recover deleted folder and its file from this option.

Amit Rawat
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