Monday, 5 November 2012

Exchange Backpressure !

I am sure most of you are aware about subject mentioned terms, That is "Back-pressure"... Question is what is "Back-pressure" in exchange.
Let me explain you.. Back-pressure is feature of Exchange server which help you to avoid or prevent any kind of service failure.
How it works ??
let say there is no space in your hard disk so in this case there are 100 % chances of services crash and       shutdown the server unexpectedly .Chances are server doesn't return in previous state even after creating enough space.. Reason Service is crashed and corrupted due to unexpected shutdown or service failure.
therefore Microsoft provided a feature called "Back-pressure" which is obviously a Resource monitoring feature of Microsoft Exchange Transport Service which is exist on Hub Transport and Edge transport Server.
So for example ... you system is out of memory and it is going to crash ... Back-pressure comes in picture and make services unavailable rather then shutting them unexpectedly down.
this way System Admin can create space and then start the service.
Exchange Transport service can detect hard disk space and memory status, which work different on both exchange version.
 Exchange 2007 :- Incoming mails will be stopped and start bouncing in state of Back pressure.

Exchange 2010:- Incoming mails will be still accepted but very slow due to which mail could be bounced.

PS: - This feature is for HUB Transport Server and Edge Server

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