Thursday, 8 November 2012

Exchange 2010 database drive is full due to Transition logs.

Hi Folks,
Today i am going to discuss a scenario which i faced in a client environment, they have single exchange 2010 environment. They are new on exchange 2010 as they did transition 2 week back from Exchange 2007.
They had around 600 + mailboxes and they did moved them over night which lead to geneate heavy numbers of transition logs on Exchange 2010 and soon their exchange 2010 hard drive was full and database got dismounted. At that moment they didn't have solution what to do . Here we come in picture and followed below steps to provide them solution and got them out from this problem without loosing any data.
Before jumping into action , there are few points we all need to take care of as follows:-

a) Always take full backup of source server  before starting the transition.
b) Always take full  backup of target server after moving the mailboxes.
c) Keep thing in mind if your data size is 1 Gig.. then 1 Gig logs will be generated on source and target server.
d) If you think you don't have enough space for logs then please enable circular logging which will overwrite the logs file.(but this feature is not recommended for production

Here are the steps to fix the issue and make database up.
We had moved all logs file in another drive and then try to mount the database. Database got mounted . we immediately restart the IS service and all logs are started creating. All users outlook connections were restored.

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  1. This bug has caused me enough trouble and I had to manually search all the drives for the files. Now after coming to the post I have resolved the issue easily.