Thursday, 8 November 2012

Exchange 2007 Vs Exchange 2010.

We had already discussed about Exchange 2003 vs Exchange 2007, Now lets discuss about Exchange 2007 vs Exchange 2010.
Exchange 2010 has some great features and few as same as Exchange 2007 has.
Lets talk about Exchange 2007 features in a glance..
a) 5 new roles. Edge/Hub/Cas/Mailbox/Unified.
b) Clustering CCR/LCR/SCC/SCR.
c) 50 storage capacity.
d) Outlook anywhere.
e) 32 bit for lab and 64 bit for production.
f) Exchange management console and Exchange management Shell.
There so on...

Lets talk about Exchange 2010, what are the best/new features it has.
a) No more clustering.
b) Introduced DAG (Data Availability Group).
c) only 64 bit management tool.
d) No more storage group.
e) Can make 100 databases.
f) 24x7 online defragmentation.
g) Personal Archiving.
h) Enhanceement in OWA features.

Amit Rawat
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