Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Exchange 2003 Vs Exchange 2007.

One of my friend asked me question that what are the differences between "Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007". i thought let them consolidate in a blog so that other virtual friend also can take advantage of it.

Microsoft launched many great features in Exchange 2007 those were not available in Exchange 2003.

Let me start what all features are in Exchange 2003 those are no more available in Exchange 2007

a) Routing groups,Link state routing, routing objects are no more in Exchange 2007 because it uses Active directory site-based routing.
b) Intelligent Message Filter feature is no more available in Exchange 2007.
c) Recipient Update Service (RUS) is not more available in Exchange 2007. We need to use Update-AddressList and Update-EmailAddressPolicy shell cmdlets in Exchange 2007 for the same.
d) POP3 /IMAP4 graphical user interface management is not more available in exchange 2007.
e)  SMTP virtual server instances is no more available in Exchange 2007.

Now lets talk about Exchange 2007 features..
a) no more 32 bit exchange application in it. (32 bit is only for testing purpose).
b) Exchange management Shell. you can only do 40% stuff from Exchange Shell.
c) New Exchange Management Console.
d) Unified Messaging  support.
e) Resource mailbox features.
f) Antispam tools.
g) New phase of clustering SCR/CCR/LCR.
h) Outlook Anywhere.
i) Atlast but not least 5 new roles of Servers as follows:- i) Edge transport ii) Hub Tranport iii) CAS iv) Mailbox  v) Unified messaging.

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